Mind Travel

Olivier Colot

While our bodies may be physically constrained, there is nothing to stop our minds from traveling. Mind Travel is a dance dedicated to our inner joy in difficult times. Perhaps mystical and dark, it is the product of our imagination.

50% of the revenues will be donated to the association 12-12 Urgence Ukraine (consortium including Caritas International, Médecins du Monde, Handicap International, Oxfam Belgique, Plan International Belgique, Croix-Rouge de Belgique, Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen and UNICEF Belgique).

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  1. Who is Fred? (5:14)
  2. Inner Party (4:13)
  3. Mind Travel (4:10)
  4. A New Journey (4:45)
  5. Trip To Northern Lights (4:19)
Composition, interpretation, mix, mastering and cover art by Olivier Colot.
Released on 18/03/2022 by Cinematic Electronics.