Olivier Colot

Olivier Colot

Composition · Performance · Production · Mix

I compose and produce singular and sensitive universes combining timbre, harmony and rhythm as narrative tools. Electronic music producer, multi-instrumentalist, jazz flutist, trained in classical music and former entrepreneur with 3 masters degrees, I feed my artistic collaborations with directors with this hybrid background.

My studio is above all a place of co-creation and experimentation with the director. We build together the narrative contribution of the music to the film. Contrary to a traditional approach to composition, I control the entire production chain (composition, interpretation, mix, mastering), which gives us flexibility, both to modify the musical direction with the evolution of the film, and to adapt to the production conditions.

Brussels, member of screen.brussels (tax shelter eligible)

Original method

The "Musical Narrative Map" of your film

For directors who wish to work on the narration of their film through music, I propose an individual session of "Musical Narrative Map". Starting from the script, this method allows to project together how the music contributes to the story (role, function, point of view, placement, etc.). Contrary to an approach consisting in filling the film with music, this method approaches the music as a narrative vector among others (picture, game, dialogue, etc.) and traces a real artistic artistic direction for the composition.

Selection of music

Composition, interpretation, production, mix


“It was a real pleasure to work with Olivier. He immediately understood the project and the musical identity of the series. He listens and does a real in-depth analysis of the intentions of each scene in order to develop music that is as close as possible to our characters. He succeeded in developing the theme of the family which was missing in order to unify the different episodes and the narrative path of our sisters (on the search for the mother). He manages to enhance the emotions without the music taking over the scene. That's exactly what we were looking for and Olivier managed to do it in a very short time, knowing that we only had a few weeks to compose the whole thing.”

Laurent Dryon, director

“I found in Olivier Colot a grace and a sensitivity similar to the great Italian composers of the 1970s (Morricone, Ortolani, Cipriani). He has developed a modern, avant-garde sound, but keeps an organic spontaneity with haunting melodies that can be whistled. This unique and singular sound nevertheless remains attentive to the intellectual and emotional needs of the project.”

Jean-Julien Collette, director

“I had the chance to work with Olivier Colot on a short documentary. He was listening and has been able to propose solutions that I did not think of. But above all, when I was stuck on a delicate scene, he composed an unexpected music that is exactly right for what I was looking for. His real plus is the variety of styles that he can offer. I hope our encounter is the beginning of a long and rich artistic relation!”

Chiara Scalise, director